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Float Fire 82- Fusing Projects

Float Fire 82 is a complete line of float compatible fusing products that includes float comaptible fusing glass, frits, powders, confetti, stringers, and glass paints. If you have never worked with float glass, also known as window glass, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Clear float glass is a lot less expensive then tested compatible glass and it is widely available. You can find float glass around the house in most cases. For example, wine bottles, pickle jars, picture frame glass, clear flower vases, and much more are all made from float glass. These are all items that could be used for fusing or float glass can be purchased from your local hardware store for a fraction of the cost of tested compatible glass.

Other items such as clear bevels and clear glue chip are also made from float glass. These items are inexpensive and can add a great deal of depth and beauty to your fused projects. Below are a couple of ideas that have incorporated Float Fire 82 glass and clear bevels. Please feel free to use these ideas as starting points for your next great fused panel.

*Remember that these projects were made with window glass and Float Fire 82 glass, which is compatible with window glass. Do not try to fuse window glass and other tested compatible glass together. If the COE’s are not the same, your project will more than likely crack or break due to the stress in the glass.


Float Fire 82 Bevel Project
Float Fire 82 Fused Glass Panel