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In This Issue: July / August 
•   Helpful Hints Videos
•   New Supplies in Stock
•   Online Forum
•   Product Reviews
•   New Colors Available
•   Glass Forming Fusing Class
Helpful Hints Videos
Armstrong Glass, in conjunction with Mary Lee Maury, has put together several helpful hint videos for stained glass crafters. These videos cover topics such as getting started, prepping the glass, and choosing the right foil. These videos were created with stained glass beginners in mind, but may offer some new tricks to the seasoned pros.

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Stained Glass Videos
Online Forum
The online forum is a recent addition to the Armstrong website. The forum is a useful tool that allows glass artists from around the world to come together and share ideas, ask questions, and post comments. All you need is a valid email address to join and, best of all, its FREE.

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Armstrong Glass Online Forum
New Colors Available
Five additional colors from Kokomo glass have just been added to our growing selection of glass. These colors include a beautiful Amber, Blue, Purple, Green, Opal mix. These colors are found under the New Items section of our website.

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New Colors
New Supplies in Stock
This month we have added two different types of hinges for box building, larger putty sizes, and new books on fusing. The new Petra Kaiser book, “Glass Forming with the Mold Block System”, is now available. For more information on this book and the other new items, visit our new items section.

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New Supplies
Product Reviews
We have just added a new Product Review option to our website. This can be a very helpful feature when purchasing new supplies and when ordering glass over the internet. At the bottom of the product details page of every item you will find a product review section. Please help us and other users by rating the products that we offer. For glass, let everyone know how you used a particular color. If you found that a tool or supply is helpful, let others know about it.

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Armstrong Glass Online
Glass Forming Fusing Class
This fusing class was inspired by the release of the new Petra Kaiser book “Glass Forming with the Mold Block System”. The class is an intermediate level class that incorporates Kaiser Lee Board and uses the Mold Block System for fusing. This is the perfect class for people that have wanted to use Kaiser Lee Board or have wanted to make 3D fused glass objects but did not know where to start.

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Fusing Class