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Float Fire 82- Fused Glass Bevel Project

Materials used:
• 4- 1” x 4” bevels
• 4- 1” x 1” bevels
• 1- 6.25” x 6.25” piece of scrap window glass
• 1- 3” x 3” pieces of Float Fire 82 glass #F605
• 1- 2” x 2” pieces of Float Fire 82 glass #F1008

Cost for this project:
• Bevels- $7.60
• Scrap window glass- FREE
• Float Fire 82 glass- $0.97*
Total cost: $8.57
* Prices based on the amount of glass used in the project

Project details:
1. Cut scrap window glass to a 6.25” x 6.25” square.
2. Place the bevels on top of the clear window glass with the 1”x1” bevels in the corners and the 1”x4” bevels in between the 1”x1” bevels. Bevels should be placed 1/8” in from the edge of the clear glass to allow for a boarder after firing.
3. Cut Float Fire 82 glass to desired shape and arrange in the center of the clear glass. If desired, apply a devitrification spray at this time. The devitrification spray will help the glass to come out of the kiln looking clear and glossy.
4. Prep kiln using kiln wash, fiber paper, or Kaiser Lee Board.
5. Place the assembled project into the kiln and fire it using the provided schedule.
6. After firing, frame in a lead or zinc boarder. For a more elaborate project, incorporate the fused glass panel into a larger stained glass project.