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Projects and Patterns

We are working hard to provide you with new and interesting project ideas for stained glass, fusing glass and mosaics. You will find a few of these ideas below. Each project shows the finished piece, the project details, and a free pattern. Please feel free to use these patterns to create your own work of art or use our pattern as a starting point to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

If you have a unique project or pattern that you would like to share, please upload your pictures and patterns by clicking here and completing the form. Be sure to include, in as much detail as possible, how you created the finished piece, so that others can produce it with similar results. Please only submit your original work and patterns. Please do not upload copy righted patterns or pictures of someone else’s work without their express, written permission.

Please select from the categories below:

Stained Glass Projects

Fused Glass Projects

Items such as clear bevels and clear glue chip are made from float glass. These items are inexpensive and can add a great deal of depth and beauty to your fused projects. Below are a couple of ideas that have incorporated Float Fire 82 glass and clear bevels.

*Remember that these projects were made with window glass and Float Fire 82 glass, which is compatible with window glass. Do not try to fuse window glass and other tested compatible glass together. If the COE’s are not the same, your project will more than likely crack or break due to the stress in the glass.

Flower Project
Fused Panel Project

Mosaic Projects

Mosaic Mirror